About Us

Jody Richwagen has been a marketing and technology professional for more than 25 years. Combining real world business experience in these two fields, she expertly assists clients in developing marketing programs utilizing current trends and tools in communications technology.

Over the course of her career, Jody served in various management and sales capacities from Sales Representative, Office Manager, Systems Administrator and Marketing Manager to Director of Operations. She began computerizing operations in the mid-1980’s, initiated and programmed a contact and customer database, set-up and managed company networks, and established an Internet presence, including websites as early as 1996.

She founded Antrimweb, an Internet Marketing consulting business, in 2001 to assist businesses with establishing and growing their online presence.

Jody is a seasoned management, marketing and operations professional with the ability to understand business needs and incorporate technology to improve sales and productivity.

Antrimweb Internet Marketing is proud to partner with Profitcom, PR & Marketing Architects, to assist clients in building a comprehensive marketing and public relations strategy.

With Jody Richwagen at the helm of Profitcom’s e-mail marketing communications and website services, our clients are in extraordinarily capable hands.  Her attention to detail and fundamental knowledge of technical solutions for each unique application supports our philosophy of customizing client programs to create what they want and need in an affordable, strategic and timely manner.  And Jody is highly skilled at providing technical training services to our clients and collaborators alike to make implementation processes and procedures run smoothly.

Deborah Israel, APR